Channel Brief – Filming

Following on from the one day brief we had on the 14th of January, as part of the Channel Brief, we have to create a series on videos for an online channel, as a sample to put across our ideas that we had. As the production manager for the project I took on the role as the production assistant and director for the filming.

Green Screen Filming


[Studio Shots – Green Screen]

As we wanted to demonstrate the future methods of travel and to reconstruct a news studio the green-screen room was a vital aspect in the production of the videos. Looking back I think we chose one if the more complex ideas to come up with video content but it allowed us to be more creative and imaginative with our ideas. When we started it took us a few hours to get comfortable in using the equipment and after the actors became more comfortable with the scripts we made good progress and managed to stick to a filming schedule created beforehand.

[Zony Hoverboard – Green Screen Shot]

Zony Hoverboard

The next steps of the project is to edit all the footage together and add all the effects together to create the videos to be put on the website. We have 6 days before we are required to present our work to our peers.As part of the filming process we had to locate suitable props to use. From the simple things, such as a watch, to a hoverboard (a skateboard covered in silver tape). In the end we think that all the searching was worth it for the results that we achieved.


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