Could tablets replace televisions?

Recently there has been a surge in the amount of the people owning a tablet alongside their day-to-day computer. But with evolving technology it has been recorded that people are now using them more for browsing the web, playing games and connecting with the world.

The Christmas period saw a landmark reached by tablets, as people viewed more television content through computer and tablet devices meaning that people are choosing to use these methods to access television content more than the standard television, remote and social setting of viewing content.

Also, now people are choosing to get rid of the standard ways of watching television and receiving their viewing content from services such as Netflix and LoveFilm which are all available on mobile devices.

However, if you choose to have all your television needs fulfilled without the need of purchasing that pricey license, you have to wait on services such as BBC iPlayer for the programme not just to end but for it for it all to be uploaded up to hours later. If you can’t keep your eye’s of your Twitter and Facebook news feeds you may be subject to spoilers before you can see it for yourself.


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