Portfolio Design Reflections

During the past few weeks I have been undertaking a website design task. For this we have to produce a personal web-portfolio, from which we can display all our work for a professional audience.

To start this process off I researched many portfolio websites that are currently on the internet, based around digital media. This gave me loads of inspiration so I decided to start designing on paper what I wanted mine to look like when I finally got around to making it.

As I had no experience with using HTML 5 and CSS before starting the course I have spent many a hour researching how to using more basic functions such as inserting roll-over buttons to more complex things such as Javascript and JQuery.

Although I am extremely keen to learn how websites are made behind the scenes, my main passion is the design aspect. As over the past few weeks I have spent lots of my spare time undertaking various Photoshop tutorials I am going to try and incorporate some of the skills I have learnt into the overall look of it.


Above are some of the initial ideas that I have come up with in the process of designing my portfolio website. 


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