Some Interesting Thoughts…

Whist undertaking research for the second assessment of the developing arguments unit, I came across a book, an Introduction to Digital Media (Tony Feldman, 1997, pg 2-3), that was rather interesting in the way that it explained the difference between analogue and digital information.

“To contrast analogue and digital information further, we can return to our wristwatch parallel. You can always tell when people are using a digital watch. Ask them the time and they will invariably say something like, ‘It’s 4.41’. How often do you really know the time to the exact minute? An analogue watch user will just glance at the timepiece and say, ‘It’s about quarter to five’. In digital timekeeping it is always one time or another. It is never ‘about’ anything. However, there is an instant when digital is speechless. When the display flashes from one second to the next there is a tiny gap in the information. So, although the watch seems to supply a constant and exact reading of time, it is in fact a discontinuous display sampling individual moments of time and displaying them.”

This small extract is rather interesting in the fact that even though in today’s society we rely on digital information so much but it may not entirely be as reliable as traditional mediums of information.


– Feldman, T. 1997. an Introduction to Digital Media. London. USA


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