Semester 1 Reflections

I have now been at Bournemouth University, studying Digital Media design for 3 months. During this time I believe that I have built some basic foundations of new skills learnt.

During lectures I have learnt many aspects of theory to reinforce the design reason behind media products that are created. From how the use of media is subjective to our personal ways to the meanings that different media products create, a lot has been covered that will prove to be beneficial when going out into the media based workplace. After receiving the first ‘developing arguments’ assessment back it has given me confidence that I can apply a range of the concepts to real-life examples to develop a critical argument to support a chosen topic. This will be of significant help to the next assessment that is more subject specific than previously.

During seminars I have been able to build up on both personal and technological skills. The initial concept briefs have helped not only to get to know peers that I will be working with for the next few years, but given me valuable presentation skills that can be transferred to future projects and in working life.

In the production workshops I have been able to gain some basic skills in a wide range of areas. From HTML, CSS and PHP to Photoshop I have been able to understand what each is used for and learn how to use basic features of each. In my own time I have tried to develop the basic skills and techniques by following various tutorial guides from which have proved to be extremely beneficial in the development of what I create. I am hoping that I can develop the skills that I have learnt and transfer them into my website portfolio which I have just started to showcase all future work.


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