Photoshop Tutorial – 3

zombie_tutorial As I have now being using the Photoshop software for a few months I wanted to try and  learn some of the more complex features.  This time I undertook a tutorial from Practical Photoshop Creative Tutorials.

The main focus of the tutorial was to learn about different blend modes, layer masks and adjustment layers to turn a normal photograph into a zombie figure. At the beginning of the tutorial I discovered a quite useful tool, ‘liquify’, which I believe is used on many photographs in the real world to ‘construct’ the face shape size. I didn’t expect that it would be as simple as literally dragging what I wanted to change.

I set off by creating the skin tone for the zombie character. To do this I adjusted  the hue and saturation levels until I got the colour I wanted. I was quite surprised at how easy it was to change the colour of the skin without the rest of photograph being changed.

I then discovered about the use of the burn tool to create shadows underneath the eyes and cheek bones to add depth to the image.

To create the teeth and the peeling skin effect I used separate images and used different blend modes to make them look like the main photograph. I then used layer masks to stop the whole of the images showing to make it more realistic.

To create the blood stains down the walls I used Photoshop’s filter feature to render the fibres. I then adjusted the settings until I got a realistic effect.

In terms of editing techniques this tutorial has taught me loads. I was mostly surprised at how easy it was to edit small parts of a photograph without changing the whole thing.


– Cairns, C., 2012. Photoshop Projects – Make A Zombie. Practical Photoshop Creative Projects. Pages 60-65.

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