Multi-Pass: The Future of Travel

As close as 2015 we could all be using a ‘multipass’ card, such as the one featured in The Fifth Element, for all our travelling needs. This sci-fi inspired pass would allow travellers to use any type of public transport such as trains, buses and even planes and automatically calculate the cheapest prices. Also, it may be able to pay for car parking and refreshments along your journey route meaning searching for loose change would be a thing of the past.

The Technology Strategy Board has allocated £1.1 million to cover the trials that will occur in London and Glasgow in 2014 to determine if it will actually work in reality.

The Fifth Element MultiPass Card

[MultiPass – Similar as seen in The Fifth Element]

In The Fifth Element the MultiPass appears to be a hi-tech ID card that is used, as well as other things for space travel.  This real-life version would be a single nationwide combined ticket and travelcard with an “e-ink” display.

The main reason behind this technological development is to solve two problems faced with regular commuters. The first is to get rid of the need to buy multiple tickets for a journey, and the second to try and overcome the ever-confusing ticket systems to make sure the cheapest fare is found.


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