Photoshop Tutorial – 2

To develop my Photoshop skills I decided to undertake a tutorial to create a vector portrait using a old photograph of myself. I used a tutorial from a digital image expert, Daniel Caballero, which I found in an issue of Digital Arts Magazine.

To create the vector portrait it required the use of many layers and learning about sampling with various colours to try and replicate a photograph. I used many of the tools that I had used previously to create the vector image of a cupcake from a sketch drawing which let me develop my skills further. A new element that I had to learn for this tutorial was to remove a background from an photograph so that I could swap and change it to anything I wanted, or for it to be transparent to use on any background on a website.

Although it was rather time-consuming to create, I am rather please with how it turned out as this was only really the second attempt of using the software. Hopefully I will be able to incorporate the skills I have learned into the design of my personal portfolio which I have just begun.


– Caballero, D., Digital Arts. 2012. Create a vector portrait from a photo. August 2012, page 47-49.


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