Investments in Online Channels


In recent years it has become ever apparent for the Internet to be used to give viewers the chance to catch-up with a television programme they may have missed at a more convenient time but now a television production company, Endemol who specialise in reality and talent game shows worldwide, has confirmed that they are going to invest over £25 million in online video channels.

To distribute their content they plan to use platforms such as YouTube, AOL, and Yahoo. They are looking to sidestep using the traditional television channels, using the name ‘Endemol Beyond’, which will hopefully build on its existing digital operations in the UK.


Endemol have said that the initial investment will strive to create a network of  “premium channels … investing in high-end original productions, engaging leading talent and partnering with international brands”. They will be building on the already existing over 100 YouTube channels worldwide that they currently used to hold the new content.

Tim Hincks, Endemol president, said: “This scaling-up of our online digital video ambition is one of the most exciting journeys Endemol has embarked on and we have the international network, the talent and the imagination to make it happen worldwide.”

A study which was carried out by electonic shopping site Retrevo shows that the majority of Americans (roughly 64%) get a least a part of their TV content online. For people under the age of 25, almost 25% of respondents said they watched most of their TV shows online.

Online Television Statistics

[ TV Viewing’s Shift to the Web –]

The survey concludes that “online TV viewership is on the rise, and people are tired of high-priced programming[…] With the advent of Internet-capable TVs (starting to appear on the market) and the dissatisfaction with satellite and cable service (at least with the hefty monthly bills), we will likely see increasing attraction toward online offerings in the years to come.”


–  Plunkett, J., 2013. Endemol invests £25m in online video channels. The Guardian [online], 13th November 2013. Available from: [Accessed 14th of November 2013].


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