Photoshop Tutorial – 1

During the course reading week I spent some time completing various Photoshop tutorials from Photoshop Creative. I used this particular tutorial initially as I wanted to get to know some of the more basic features before advancing onto the more technical elements of the software. The tutorial I began with was designed to create vector images from hand-drawn sketches scanned into a computer. The tutorial aims were to discover the basic features/tools of Photoshop, mainly focusing on the pen tool and shape layers.

Photoshop Tutorial

I started by following the initial starting stages which included creating a new document and setting up things like the background colour and importing the necessary files from the supplied disk. After creating my initial group folder ‘icing’ to keep the layers organised whilst was working I was ready to begin creating the vector image.

With the pen tool equipped I created the first anchor point. Making the second allowed me to experiment with creating curves to replicate the image. At this point I also learnt about changing the opacity of a shape layer to be able to see the underlying image. This was extremely useful for this as I was using the artwork underneath the shape layer. After closing the initial path I had created I replicated the steps to create the icing for the image.

I added shadows and highlights to add depth to the image, this involved using the same method as creating the icing. I also added the smaller sprinkle shapes using this method. To finish the image I drew the casing and added the necessary highlights and shadows, just as I did before.

I found this tutorial really useful to start with as I had not had much experience with using Photoshop before. I feel that it has helped me to be more confident in using the methods used which I will now be able to use in any future work.


– Photoshop Creative Issue 106, 2013. Tutorial: Illustrate with shape layers. Pages 54-58.


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