(Concept and Ideation – Concept Brief 2)

Fire Kills

This next assignment meant the changing up of the groups. For this brief I was working with Alex Sisan, Tristan Earl, Josh Hawes and Declan Barry. Along with a new group, we was also given a new brief to work on.

This new brief entailed coming  up with a government funded ‘fire kills’ campaign, ensuring that we included the six key learning objectives of the Fire Kills initiative.

We started of by researching what had already been done on a range of platforms including television, mobile applications, print and website based. Our initial idea’s based on these was to go down the route of ‘shockvertising’. We belived that more people would pay attention to something which draws their attention away from what they were doing. We then moved to the route of an interactive ‘viral’ video.

Take This Lollipop - Jade Garstang

For this we found a custom ‘horror’ video which takes a users Facebook details including your photograph’s, location details and status updates and incorporates them into a film of a male character supposedly ‘stalking’ you.


Using this we decided on a ‘viral’ interactive web video that was shared round via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This helped us discover our target audience of teenagers/young adults, as most of this target audience would be leaving home within a few years and we believed that this age group was the most suitable age to target. The web video would incorporate the key objectives through mini-games and quiz style questions and depending on the answers/scores they received the end video would alter meaning that they may or may not make it out of a burning building in time.

This brief taught me the importance of research when trying to solve problems, before this happened we were struggling to come up with a starting point but once we had seen what else had already been done we were able to start brainstorming some initial ideas. This continued practice of presenting idea’s clearly has helped me to develop what are the important aspects of a presentation and how to express concepts clearly.

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