HTML and CSS Workshop – 1

In this workshop we were taught the basics of HTML 5 and the uses of CSS. I was looking forward to this workshop as I have always been interested in creating websites and have only had experience in the designing aspects in the past, so this gave me a great opportunity to learn the  coding behind it all.HTML 5

We initially learnt what both HTML 5 and CSS was used for and how they worked together to create websites. We then started off by creating a basic webpage, labelling the different parts of how it is divided up and some basic tags, such as for navigation and headings.

We then moved onto creating CSS to add rules to control  how the webpage we had just created looked. This led us on to learn about using padding, margins and page wrappers to enable us to keep the content in the centre of the screen, even if the window is resized. We finally used CSS to add a background image to the pages in the website.

This workshop was extremely useful for me as I was able to leave knowing how to set up a basic website and style it according to whatever I needed. Afterwards I was able to practice what I had learnt and develop aspects, such as changing the structure and adding the links between pages.


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