Photoshop Workshop – 1

The first practical workshop that we undertook as part of the Concept and Ideation unit was on learning the basics of Photoshop. The first thing we learnt was making sure that the images were web optimised  – as the larger the files, the longer they will take to load. We were also taken through the basic tools, such as using layers and the history pallet, for those who had not used the software prior to starting the course.

We the started by creating a basic image of a dancer incorporating a few of the tools we had been taught.  A first I found getting used to the software a little tricky as I had used mainly Fireworks in the past by I seemed to pick it up rather quickly. I discovered that photo editing was a lot about experimentation and by the end I was able to create something quite close to what was expected.

The next task involved learning about using lighting effects. This is the one which was most rewarding to make. By the end I was really impressed with what I had achieved in a very short amount of time.

Photoshop Dancer                                           Photoshop Cupped Hands


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