New Beginning’s

On the 14th of September I moved over 140 miles from my home town Maidstone, Kent to Poole, Dorset to begin the new chapter in my life of becoming a student at Bournemouth University to study BA (HONS) Digital Media Design. I have always been a creative person and I believe that this course will help me to develop the skills I have already acquired in the past to enable me to gain a career in a field I am so passionate about.

Bournemouth Pier

During the past couple of years I have been studying A-Levels at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls in Applied ICT, Media Studies and Psychology.  As much as these taught me many skills such as video editing, website design and how to collaborate in groups effectively the course structure limits the amount of creativity that I wanted to express. So, when researching what I planned to do after leaving sixth form I found the Digital Media Design Course at Bournemouth University. After receiving my conditional offer and attending the open day back in October 2012 I was determined to achieve the best grade’s possible to enabled me to start my student life on this particular course in September 2013.

Bournemouth Pier

I always believed that I would be quite lost being so far from the comfort of home, but so far I have settled into the student accommodation and into student life. Living in a new area is a great chance to explore and discover new thing’s which are different from my normal routine and have so far taken every opportunity to meet new people and go to places that I would have never of visited before. I am very much looking forward to discovering more and starting the course in a few days, this is one great opportunity that should not be wasted.


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